Patrick Rosdile

"My body produces extra plaque. I got my dad’s teeth, and he lost all of his teeth before he was 30. By the time I went to see Dr. Myers, the periodontal disease had progressed and was eating the enamel, so extractions were necessary and inevitable. I got implants on the bottom and a partial, with a denture on top. It’s a lot easier to eat, easier to maintain my teeth I can eat anything I want. The team at his office made all the difference. I liked that I didn’t have to be transferred to another doctor. 

Dr. Myers gave me several options but the implants have made all the difference in the world to me. There’s confidence in knowing your smile is great! They told me they could match my old teeth, but I said if we’re going to replace them, I want Hollywood teeth! I look like I’m walking the red carpet!  

I’ve referred 5 people, and they all didn’t want to spend the money. Two of the five that got dentures had them break the first week. They complain that they are uncomfortable, and one guy even goes to work without his dentures in. They regret their decision.

Removing the periodontal disease even improved my health. I was getting ear infections that I didn’t know were caused by the perio. I’m not sick nearly as often. Dr Myers took the time to really educate me about how this was affecting my health. 

I’m very appreciative of what he’s done and the quality I’ve gotten. This has been life changing. It was totally worth the investment."

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