Maryola Kelly

I’ve had soft teeth for 40 years. My bottom teeth were floating around, I wanted permanent teeth. Didn’t want to eat a meal with things floating around underneath them. I was in no pain or discomfort - gave me a pill to relax. I slept through it. No swelling, no bruising. If you didn’t know I had it done you wouldn’t have been able to tell. 

It was worth the investment. Dentures alone would have cost me anyway, this was a well worth the investment. 

My husband noticed - my mouth was fuller, it makes you look younger. They are really beautiful teeth! I can tell in the mirror. 

Team was very patient with me, you don’t have to wait, looked at very soon. Robin has seen me through this whole thing and when I’ve had to get the new ones fitted, she was very patient with me.

I would tell people the difference in eating, being able to chew and not have dentures move around was SO WORTH IT. When I go out and eat nachos (could not eat before) and chips were under my teeth stabbing me. You can eat and not have discomfort when eating and chewing. 

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