Warsaw General Dentistry

Protecting Your Teeth Before Problems Start

Don’t you wish you could prevent things like fillings, dental emergencies, and gum disease? Thanks to our comprehensive range of general and preventive dental therapies, you can decrease your risk for oral disease and injury. Our goal is to identify areas of concern before they become more complicated, giving our patients the chance to keep their teeth healthy for an entire lifetime. We’re dedicated to ensuring your smile lasts as long as it was intended to and offer everything from detailed exams and screenings to proactive preventive services. From stopping cavities before they start to diagnosing diseases in their earliest stages, Dr. Myers’ goal is for you not only to have a healthy mouth, but a healthy life.

Comprehensive Exams

Every examination with Dr. Myers is based on a series of comprehensive screenings that identify problems such as bone loss, oral cancer, tooth wear, bite issues, and decay. Not only do common oral diseases affect the smile, they are also linked with overall health conditions. Treating conditions like gum disease early on can minimize complications like diabetes, cardiovascular disease, premature labor, and erectile dysfunction.

Oral Cancer Screenings

Oral cancer is a silent killer. We’re committed to providing the best oral cancer screening techniques possible, allowing Dr. Myers to pinpoint abnormal and precancerous tissue areas in their earliest development. Our Identafi® screening process is recommended for all adult patients, regardless of their risk factors.

Digital & Panoramic X-rays

High definition digital x-rays allow us to have immediate images projected on our in-room monitor. The x-rays can be enlarged to explain findings to our patients, and they use less radiation than traditional x-rays. We also have an on-site CBCT panoramic x-ray machine, which captures a high definition, 3D image of the entire jaw and surrounding structures.

Soft Tissue Laser

We’ve invested in a soft tissue diode laser that allows us to perform therapy on soft tissue lesions such as ulcers and cold sores. In just a few seconds, you can have immediate relief from the discomfort of ulcers or sores. Our lasers are also useful in the treatment of gum disease, creating a bacteria-free environment in the hard-to-reach areas around the teeth.

Intra Oral Cameras

High-definition, intra oral cameras allow our patients to see exactly what we see. This helps improve our communication when discussing oral health findings and needs with our patients. Images are electronically saved in your chart, or can be printed and taken home for your future review. All of the images are projected onto one of our in-room monitors, so you won’t have any question about what Dr. Myers is talking about during the exam since he can easily show you.

We use the highly advanced Trios4 HD scanner to take incredibly detailed images of your teeth and gums. That means no more goopy impressions, and no more discomfort.


Our cleaning appointments are comfortable and of the highest quality. Our hygienists use Cavitron scalers that remove calcified tartar while also irrigating bacteria away from the tooth and gum tissues. Each of our hygienists are also board certified in local anesthesia, allowing them to numb your mouth for cleanings and other procedures at your request.

Perio Therapy

Treating gum disease requires just the right techniques to prevent tooth and bone loss. Dr. Myers implements both Arestin and Carifree System treatments in our office, helping patients aggressively combat even moderate to advanced gum disease. Our prescription medications combat disease-causing bacteria for longer periods, exactly where it really counts: under the gum pockets.

Fluoride Treatments

We offer fluoride treatments to both adults and children after every preventive care appointment. When professional grade fluoride is applied directly to teeth, enamel can become remineralized, decay repelled, and sensitivity eliminated. Children benefit greatly from fluoride while teeth are developing, because it helps them form stronger enamel from the inside out when their risk of decay is at their highest.


Grinding and clenching can cause premature tooth wear, TMJ problems, fractured teeth, and broken restorations. If you suffer from bruxism (grinding/clenching), then wearing a custom-fitted guard is a non-invasive way to prevent damage to your teeth. Unlike over-the-counter mouthguards, our custom guards will stay securely in place through the night as well as provide a comfortable fit.

Emergency Dental Care

If you’ve experienced a dental emergency, we want you to call our office right away. We make every effort possible to see you the very same day that you call us, so that we can help you relieve pain and put your mind at ease. A toothache can be one of the most uncomfortable experiences that a person can have, and we provide immediate toothache relief as soon as you can make it to our office.