Warsaw Sedation Dentistry

Our Sedation Dental Options are a Dream Come True

How would you like to go to the dentist and just relax or even sleep through the entire appointment? Most people don’t find dental treatment to be especially enjoyable. We understand. That’s why we work so hard to create a positive experience for our patients. That’s why we offer different sedation dentistry options for you to choose from. No matter what type of treatment you need, you’ll find one of our sedation services to be the right one for you.

One of the biggest benefits of choosing sedation dentistry is that you can arrange to have most, or even all of your treatment completed in just one appointment! This is a great choice for patients that need to play “catch up” on their oral health needs, or simply want to tune everything out when they’re here for a more complex procedure such as a wisdom tooth removal.

Nitrous Oxide (Laughing Gas)

Convenient and fast-acting, nitrous oxide is inhaled through a comfortable nose piece during treatment. Nitrous helps create a sense of comfort and relaxation from head to toe. The effects subside a few minutes after it is turned off, so you can return to work or drive yourself home.

Oral Sedation

Oral sedation allows you to relax in a near-sleep state during your entire procedure. Dr. Myers prescribes a common sedative to be taken an hour before your treatment. We also use nitrous oxide in combination with our sedation, if needed, to deepen the level of relaxation our patients experience. In most cases, you’ll have no memory of anything related to the appointment. Effects of the medication gradually wear off, so you’ll need to have a companion drive you to and from your appointment.

IV Sedation

Our deepest level of sedation is achieved through intravenous. This allows sedative medication to be delivered immediately into your bloodstream, offering instant sedative effects that subside only after the IV has been removed. IV sedation is perfect for longer or more complex care cases. It’s also important to have a companion accompany you to and from your appointment.

Not sure which type of sedation is best for you?

No problem! During your consultation with Dr. Myers we can discuss the pros and cons based on your personal oral health goals and help you decide which sedation option would be best. Our primary goal is to help you comfortably regain your oral health. Everyone’s needs are different – so are our sedation options!