Implant Dentistry

Brand New Teeth, from the Root Up

Dental implants provide our patients with the opportunity to completely re-build their smile, no matter how many teeth are missing. No more need for removable prosthetics or treatments that alter the structure of nearby teeth. Instead, implants function independently to support individual, multiple, or an entire mouth full of missing teeth.

To find out whether you’re a candidate for dental implants, Dr. Myers will conduct a screening and x-ray exam that assesses your bone quality and quantity. Schedule your examination with us today to find out how to be on your way to a newer, healthy smile with dental implants.

Unlike most dentists, Dr. Myers has extensive experience and can provide in-house, surgical implant placement as well as restoration. This allows us to complete the entire implant process right here in our office with no referrals for surgical placement!

Implant Placement and Restoration

All implants are made of titanium roots anchored into and supported by your natural bone, the same way a regular tooth is. Titanium is biocompatible and encourages bone growth and fusion, making it very secure for the support of individual or multiple teeth. Once placement and fusion have occurred, the final prosthesis can be placed on top of the implant root.

We often use implants to support:

  • Individual dental crowns
  • Multi-tooth dental bridges
  • Fixed dentures

Implants are so strong, they can support even more weight than a natural tooth. Should your existing implants require restoration because of chipping or fracturing, Dr. Myers offers implant restorative services to replace those crowns or bridges.

Implant-Retained Dentures

Bothered by removable dentures that never stay in place or rub sore spots on your gums? Fixed implant dentures are slimmer, allowing you to enjoy your meals and even speak more easily than with a full coverage traditional denture. Dr. Myers uses “U” shaped implant dentures that follow the natural ridge of your mouth and do not cover the roof of your mouth. Best of all, they stay in place permanently. An implant-retained denture can be placed on as few as 4 implants per arch, which is why they are sometimes called all on 4 dentures.

The Treatment Process

Once you’ve decided to have implants placed, the treatment is broken up into about two phases. The first phase is the placement of the titanium implant root. If needed, bone grafts may also be placed at the same time. A period of healing is needed to allow your implants to fully fuse with the surrounding bone. In 3-6 months, most patients have had complete bone fusion and stability gained in their implant. At this point, an abutment can be placed into the end of the implant, and the final restoration created and permanently cemented in place.