Other Uses for Toothpaste

toothpasteWhen we think of toothpaste, we obviously think of the main purpose… to clean the teeth. That is what it’s designed for, after all. But at my Warsaw dental office, we always hear of other uses for toothpaste, and while we haven’t tried them all, we still thought it’d be fun to share them with our patients.

  • De-Fog a Mirror. After a relaxing, hot shower, the bathroom tends to resemble a steam room with fog everywhere. And the mirror is no different. This can be a pain if you need to get ready fast and nothing you do seems to make it clear enough to see as well as you’d like to. We may have a solution. People have credited the use of toothpaste for a clear, fog-free mirror. True? Maybe. Worth a shot? Absolutely. Just apply some toothpaste to the mirror and wipe it down prior to turning on the shower water. Legend has it when you step out of the shower, the mirror will be clear.  
  • De-Stink Hands. Cutting garlic, onions, or other exceptionally potent food can leave your hands pretty stinky, sometimes for what seems like days. No matter how often you wash them, no matter what fantastically fragrant soap you use, the stench lingers. Some foodies insist that toothpaste can rid your fingers of smells from last night’s dinner preparations. Slather some toothpaste on your hands, scrub together, rinse off. Then let us know if this worked for you.
  • De-Spot Your Faucet. Gunk from spit, residue from soap, and who knows what else may be lurking on your sink faucets, giving them that spotted appearance. Sometimes people can’t seem to remove the spots completely for a sleek, shiny clean. However, the word on the street is that if you wash the faucet with toothpaste, you just may be able to get that pristine clean finish. Apply it with a clean cloth, gently scrub, and thoroughly wipe away.

If you’re up to trying any of the above, let us know if you have success, but make sure to always leave enough toothpaste in the house to use for its intended purpose — brushing your teeth. We recommend brushing at least twice a day to keep your mouth free of cavities. That, paired with regular dental cleanings and exams with your Warsaw dentist, is the best recipe to avoid the need for dental treatments like crowns, fillings, root canals, or onlays.

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