Stop Missing Work Because of Your Teeth

missing workThere’s nothing worse than tossing away a well-earned vacation day because you have a dental emergency. Good news! You can stop missing work due to your teeth! How? Let my Warsaw dental office show you.

Oftentimes we avoid the dentist if we don’t have a problem. But that itself is a problem. Prevention is key! If we wait until we have signs of a dental issue, like pain, bleeding gums, or even a toothache, we’ve already waited too long. There’s a common myth that says you’d know it if you had a dental concern, but the truth is, that’s just not the case.

Many dental problems have no warning signs. Cavities, for example, don’t hurt when they’re shallow, new, and haven’t reached the nerves. If caught early, treatment is simple. If left to advance, cavities can cause pain and could need more in-depth treatment.

On a more serious note, oral cancer and gum disease may have little-to-no signs in the early stages. As they progress, however, they become extremely dangerous not only for your smile, but for your entire body. This is why we emphasize catching problems as early as possible. When detected in the first stages, both oral cancer and gum disease can be treated. Like anything else, if they’re not caught and are left alone, oral cancer becomes really serious and gum disease could lead to whole-health problems like heart disease, stroke, and even difficulty managing diabetes.

Since it is so important to catch serious dental problems as soon as they appear, even if you can’t feel them, it makes keeping regularly scheduled appointments with your Warsaw dentist extremely important. We traditionally recommend appointments at least every six months, sometimes even sooner. It’s not only important to keep these appointments to keep your mouth healthy, they can help catch any lingering problems before they become serious issues.

As always, appointments with us are important, but equally so is a healthy at-home routine. This means brushing at least twice a day and flossing at least once a day (yes, flossing is that important).

If it’s been awhile since you’ve been to a dentist, or if you’re due for a visit, give my dental office in Warsaw a call. We’re always happy to see you and will work with you to get your smile healthy so you can get back to enjoying your deserved time off.

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